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Keeping Hot People Cool Since 1953

It all started in 1953 when my Dad, Papa Joe, wrecked his brother’s car. He started selling snoballs in Baltimore, Maryland to pay his brother back. Using homemade egg custard syrup and ice from the milkman, his snoballs became a local favorite. 

Fast forward another 40 years and I decided to follow in his footsteps. I continued serving in the Baltimore area but expanded the flavors and wild combinations. The success of the snoball stands encouraged me to open a shop in southern Pennsylvania, which would  eventually become the very first Bonkey’s!  

By incorporating my husband and family, we’ve been able to produce our own homemade ice cream and snoballs into other towns for people to enjoy! Thanks to all my family, friends, customers, ice cream and snoball enthusiasts for making Bonkey’s what it is today.

Bonnie + Keith = Bonkey's 

1953 - Papa Joe Wrecks his brother's car and starts to serve Snoballs in Baltimore, MD

1995-1997 – Snoball Stand on Belair Road next to the Woodlea Bakery

May 1999 - Summer's Opens, originally name Stewartstown Country Store

March 2011 - Bonkey's opens in Millville, Delaware

May 2003 - 1st Bonkey's Opens in New Freedom, PA

September 2019 - Bonkey's Opens in Whiteford, Maryland

March 2020 - Bonkey's Opens in Red Lion, PA

1993-1994 –  Opened up my first Snoball Stand at Fullerton Field near Belair Road, MD

1995-2005 – Snoball Stand at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, MD

2000-2005  - Sold Pit Beef Sandwiches and Turkey Hill Ice Cream out of Summer's 

March 2007 - Start making our own ice cream after going to Penn State Scoop School 

July 2013 - 2018 - Bonkeys Opens in  Rehoboth Beach Delaware

May 2019 - Bonkey's Opens in Ocean View Delaware

Doing Good 

Justin's Sundae

100% sales of this sundae are donated to the Justin W. Jennings Foundation.

Justin's beach house in Bethany Beach, DE. is where families with cancer can have a place of respite & enjoy some fun family time. A place of joy and peace at the beach.

justins beach house.png

H.O.P.E. Sundae

Help for Oncology Problems and Emotional Support.

100% of the sales of this scrumptious sundae is donated to H.O.P.E., an amazing organization helping cancer patients and their families deal with today and still dream about tomorrow. H.O.P.E. was founded in 1994 to help the people of our community get through the devastation that always accompanies the detection of cancer. 

Learn more at:

Bonkeys Ice Cream Hope Sundae

Blind Industries & Services of Maryland

Positively changing attitudes about blindness one bottle at a time. Each purchase of our bottled water helps provide stable career opportunities, innovative rehabilitation programs, training and education for the blind. 

Learn more at:

Bonkeys Ice Cream water
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